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Monday, 4 August 2014

Willow Workshop 2014

Note for 2015
We do have a lot of interest in the course and it was fully booked in 2014 quiet quickly therefore in 2015 we are running a beginners class on the 25th July and and intermediate class where you can have a go at things like horses and deer should you wish on 8th August. 
Click here to book begginners>>  
Click here to book intermediate class>>

Class of 2014 carried on regardless with grit and determination despite every type of British weather !!!

 Gina a sculptress in her own right provided her usual excellent tuition

It was a fully subscribed class.

Lets begin. 'What did she say do first!'

'I like these bits of willow'

Willow Workshop

No cheeky comments!

Making things with willow
Got it!

Horton came to help with the cake!

Making things with willow

Making things with willow

Cassie checked every one out and kept Horton in order! 

Making things with willow

A finished dragon fly

 After lunch in the afternoon session some of the more advanced took on making deer. There are quiet amazing.
Making things with willow

Making things with willow
 2 classed will be running in July /August next year one for beginners and a second intermediate class focussing on deer and horses or if you have a passion to make something specific we can probably accommodate you. Dates to be decided but do book early as this is a popular course.

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