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Monday, 26 May 2014

The Peoples Choice Artisan Garden - Chelsea Flower Show 2014

Togenkyo the Peoples Choice Artisan Garden
A Paradise on Earth-Gold Medal

This garden was undoubtedly exquisite. It had character and charm. It was a little mystical and it invited you to explore. Inspired by a fable and with references to happy memories of gardens recalled by the designers father of Nagasaki. The mix of planting dominated by Acers Palmatum and moss was not unique but it was undoubtedly beautiful. A huge achievement  was the water wheel and the stream with split levels and its perfect flow through the space.

Chelsea Flower Show 2014 The Peoples Choice

The soft foliage tones and natural materials allow this design to be absorbed into the landscape as if it grew there.

Chelsea Flower Show 2014 The Peoples Choice

The neutral blue iris adds simple calming highlights.

Togenkyo A Paradise on Earth

The construction of the water wheel is a huge achievement. As you see there are lots of different levels to this garden.


The stream looks to have evolved with time and the water flowed with a rapid energy. 

Finishing touches the accessories in stone and earthenware infused naturally

togenkyo a paradise on earth

Always a calm place to rest

Houttynia cordata Chamelean

Houttuynia cordata subtly infused highlights of red that  connected with the red foliage from the acers. This is a fragrant plant described commonly as the orange peel. Excellent in the clay boggy damp soils sun or partial shade. Seen here with bamboo.

Pachysandra terminalus

Pachysandra terminalis an excellent choice for sun or partial shade and most soils aptly known as Japanese Spurge, softens the rocks here.
Amongst the display were pieris, large canvas back drop of bold laurel, a scattering of ferns. There also appeared to be a small feature hornbeam with a bonsai feel some prunus in blossom at the back and a little graceful larch. This was a timeless winner well deserving of its gold medal and peoples award.

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