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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Autumn's Final Fling

We have been talking about the final chapter of autumn for ages and its still here! Today is a beautiful golden day. I have just had one quick sweep of my garden and I feel it is saturated with colour. Brilliant colour, all shades and tones.

My roses are having a frivolous final flush. This is David Austin's Munstead Wood. A magnificent dark rich red. I love this rose.

This is one of my  purple Smoke Bushes  (Cotinus). Its glowing amber and the veins are bleeding through the leaf.

This is a sedum I planted years ago in a horrid dry piece of east facing border. I think it deserves an award. It is probably Autum Joy. The big faded bugundy flowers are the best part. I think the deep rich tones are more luxurious than the pretty pink flowers with which they begin. 

This icy silver leafed lamium glows in the autumn light. Its thriving ground cover. Its such an easy plant to grow but the white softens and lifts any border. This is Beacon Rose. The flowers are bluey pink not yellow, so it is perfect in my lavender, pinky toned borders.

Another white, this little parahebe is having a second flush the flowers are so fresh. It is in a well drained terracotta pot where it has thrived.

The nutty seedy heads of my hypericum are smouldering on the bush. Its an interesting texture and another deep colour.

Finally two stars of this years garden both salvias. Two great colours that blend into my bluey pink borders again. This is Wendy's Wish and below we have Amistad. I think these will go through the winter but even if they didn't I would plant them again next year as they have flowered so prolifically and I think they are lovely.

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