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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Whats Happening On The Nurseries

We are open until 7pm in May. There is a Bank Holiday compost offer.

A  bit of warm weather and the plants are growing. How peculiar it is that just as we are beginning to enjoy early spring colour when we should be itching to plant summer bedding. 
Buds are exploding into flower. Sturdy prima donna, West Country lupins are about to bloom and there are some great varieties. Lovely lilac is in bud. Magnolia's and ribes full of flower.


 On one of our benches lush Wesh poppies are a carpet of orange. Dicentra spectablis 'Valentine' is well worth mentioning. Its the classic bleeding heart flower but its blood red with a white tear drop.

Plants at Preston Bissett Nurseries

Summer Bedding

We are about to have the first May gardening bank holiday and my polytunnels are brimming with potted bedding plants. Whilst we are clearly behind due to the weather my first crop has caught up quickly and miraculously some plants are breaking into bud ready to go on sale. Nemesia Magenta and Raspberries and Cream are about to look gorgeous. Any one who wants early bedding will thankfully not be disappointed. 
I do apologise for the changes we have had to make to the programme. We felt we were not ready to run the Bedding Launch talk on the 2nd because we do not have the full variety ready in flower to show you, so you could appreciate them. We do however have plenty in the green! The heliotropes, Salvia Icing Sugar, Hot Lips, Fanfare Blue and Dahlias do need to grow on a little, so if you have a greenhouse you can have them.

Container and Baskets

We will be running all Hanging Basket Classes and workshops. Classes are a set price and we will all make up the same size basket, workshops are free for you to make up your refills to your own specification with help as you need it. 

New Climbing Geraniums

Yes climbing geraniums! I plant three in a large pot with a tripod of bamboo, great to attach to trellises and supports or round an obelisk. They look great and will give you a bit of height and lots of colour.

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