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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Gardening Goes Full Speed Ahead

Erysimum Bowles Mauve

This weekend we were all out gardening and it was lovely. I couldn't help notice customers making a beeline for things like the alluring Cherry Blossom and the lovely limey bell flowers of early flowering Clematis like Cartmanii Joe and the erysimum. Its almost a relief to see the vivid purple and rose shades of alpine aubrietia dominating our looking good beds. No doubt all the walls and cracks and shallow crevices in which it is planted  in the villages will metamorphosis into a sea of rich purple this week.

Plant for every season

It is good to plant early colour we could not be without the primulas, hellebores and narcissi  Our early flowers are particularly important for the survival of our bees but do also look at the sleepy less inspiring green things in pots and invest in every season not just the first splash of color !
Many of the cranesbill geraniums  will flower right through the summer into autumn and they not that fussy. I recommend blue Rozanne. The sedums  look rather cabbage like now but I am always rather pleased with how they survive in my worst dry patch of soil and  manage to bring in the butterflies whilst brightening up the garden late summer.

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