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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Time to Start A Gardening Project

Finally I think the snow is clearing. A beautiful melting sun appeared late afternoon today and I felt a tingle of excitement from my plants.  A magical twinkle as they thought about waking up.  We have waited and waited for spring to begin but today somebody sleighed the wicked white witch of Nania and a warm breath of life filled the frozen garden.
There is no time like the present. Lets start a project in the garden. I want to dig the ground over and extend my thin narrow borders into thick layers of herbaceous colour. I am going to add soil conditioner to my heavy clay as I dig and a couple of bags of Farm Yard Manure. I want to improve the texture and fertility before I pant.

As soon as the plants feel some warmth they will exude vigour like stored knetic energy. They are dying to get their roots into some juicy ground and thrive.
I'll plant in clumps and swaths. I have a sad border which  i want to rejuvenate with Monty Dons jewel colours. I want it vibrant energising, so it draws your attention.

Orange, blue deep purple and red will be on fire. I can see Foxtail lillies, red hot pokers, helleniums, Achilea Paprica, bright orange geums, crocosima, grasses, an underplanting of crainsbill blue geraniums and anything else blue I can find. Perhaps some Campanula Globulosa and acontiums. Once you start talking plants and colours then it is so much fun!

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