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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Terry Walton Radio 2 Allotment Star

Thanks to our speaker Terry Walton or the other Terry W as he is referred to at radio 2. Here are a couple of pics of him signing his book 'My Life on a Hillside Allotment', on Saturday 28th April. We were packed in our Marquee and everybody loved him. We had plenty of fans turn up.
He showed a lots of pics of the famous allotment from where he broadcasts and him working with the other presenters at Radio 2 from Simon Mayo who they send out to his Rhonda  Valley allotment to broadcast from time to time and people  like Sally Traffic etc. Aside from the Jeremy Vine slot he has done quite a bit of TV. He did 'The Big Dig', 'Grass Roots', Going to Seed' and 'I Love Wales'
They added him to the Vine Show when the first feature they did on allotments got more calls than any other feature. They made a plea on air for any one interests and got hundreds of applicants and finally picked Terry. He has been broadcasting from his allotment through now for 9 years.
He was an excellent speaker and a charismatic personality.

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