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Monday, 18 July 2011

Forest Gardening

Earlier this year we had a fabulous talk about the principles of  Forest Gardening. The Eden Project have set up their own small Forest Garden and here are a few of the plants they used.

Agroforestry has a place in every garden. Whether it is a small pocket or the entire garden. Many attractive ornamental plant have great sustainability. Everyday plants like Mahonias, Elaeagnus,  Cornus Kousa . I am guessing not many of us would know these produced tasty edible fruits or leaves.There are so many sustainable plants we can grow to eat, all year round. Forest gardening is not just a nice concept it really works and it it beneficial to all. Many every day plants work well planted into this scheme.

Fundamental to this way of growing is how we look after the soil. The process of deep mulching on a bed of cardboard will develop a wonderful, weed free, humus rich, worm filled base in which to plant. We can avoid chemicals and digging all together. This is why it is sometimes refered to as 'No Dig Gardening'.
The Lili Organisation-Low Impact Living Initiative sells some very useful books on the subject.

Mandy Burton Community
Project Manager.
Pictured in the
Shitake mushroom patch.

Adapt any garden with the right plants, to produce sustainable berries, nuts, edible leaves and fruit. This is not intensive vegetable growing, but simple adaptations to the canopies within any garden. Learn to make the most of your space.

Mandy gave us a wonderful talk in the spring. She has developed a community Forest Garden in Milton Keynes.

Check out David Holmgren's work in Australia

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