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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

How To Make Your Own Holly Wreath

How To Make A Holly Wreath
(using foliage from your own garden)


Wire ring
Holly wired in short clumps
Fir wired in @ 12cm length clumps
A variety of variegated and coloured foliage
Wired berries, oranges, cinnamon, sticks
Silk Flowers

1 Fill the ring with moss and wrap string around to keep it in place.
2 Wire clumps of pre-wired holly and foliage around the perimeter of the ring, always in the same direction.
3 Complete a second rotation of winter greenery in the inner circle. Overlap each clump of holly and foliage.
          4 Decorate with silk flowers, dried oranges,
cinnamon sticks and a Christmas ribbon bow at the base.
          5 Hang on your front door with pride

Alternatively attend one of our December Holly Wreath Workshops 

Private workshops for independent groups such as WI's and gardening clubs

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