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Monday, 11 August 2008

Busy potting

Were busy again. This time generally tidying up and potting up our stock for the autumn. Were planning all our new herbaceous varieties for next season. Its time to consider new colours and things that have performed well this year. The summer season is traditionally a time to take breath after the spring rush. From potting the bedding , feeding it and hours of watering to producing more hanging baskets than I care to think about we need a breather. I didn't plan on the rain but we have had some good patches in between and the ground is lovely for digging and planting.

I've been quite inspired to give my garden a bit of an over haul.I have definitely decided on more herbs and things to consume. I 've planted the Apple tree frenzy. Having cropped a huge basket of fruit from my Discovery Apple Tree I have now planted after much deliberation with Peter, Greensleeves, James Greave, Sunset, Lord Darby with my Apple Scotch Dumpling. Is that now officially an Orchard I wonder?

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