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Monday, 1 April 2019

April Gardener's Calendar

Here our are are some ideas of what you could be getting on with in the garden this month

  • Seed lawns or turf your bare patches of lawn.
  • Scarify and aerate the lawn and it will thrive.
  • Apply lawn treatments, if it is still wet with care not to burn the lawn.
  • Spray your roses for pests and fungus every 2 weeks.
  • New Tip for Gardener's:Slug pellets in jam jars placed on their side in the hostas will stop the slugs(idealy from Feb) and birds can't eat them. Organic pet safe pellets are available.
  • Feed the plants with Fish Blood and Bone Meal, Growmore or pellet slow release feed, seaweed or chicken pellets.
  • Treat the soil to mulch with farm yard manure or soil conditioner, it will make it rich and improve the texture and drainage.
  • Plant your perennials for best establishment now.
  • Plant as much as you can before the soil really warms up and plant really want to grow.                 
  • Planting trees in now will give them a better chance of establishment.
  • Secure your climbers and ramblers.
  • Pot on your seeded bedding plants and begin seeding outside
  • Plant potatoes and onion sets.
  • Earth up your first early potatoes at the end of the month if they are shooting.
  • Seed your root crops outdoors.
  • Harvest your rhubarb weekly.
  • Plant Hanging baskets under cover.
  • Spray your broad leaved weeds.
  • Prune shrubs into shape, whilst they have lots of energy.
  • Prune your wooded sub shrubs such as penstemons and lavender now the new shoots have emerged.
  • Feed your citric plants with seaweed feed. 
  • Prune your cornus so you can have fresh colourful bark stems in autumn.
  • Pollard any trees now. 
  • Cut back the foliage of your evergreen ferns to allow fresh fronds to grow. 
  • Cut back the tatty leaves of your shade loving epimediums to enjoy the pretty flowers (see pic below.) 
  • Put up your plant supports while you can get into the borders.
  • Watch out anything tender outside does not get caught in frost. 

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