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Thursday, 27 April 2017

The Lilac Is Out #Syringa

Syringa_Marie Legrayre
We may not know it under its Latin name but everyone recognises English Lilac

All shades from whites to pinks to purples available. You can have a lilac bush, quiet a large bush eventually at about 5-6ft or you can choose a standard which is a small tree. It has blossom, fragrance and colour so you can not be without Lilac. You may choose to prune it as a bush or allow it to grow into a small tree and definitely plant a scrambling late flowering viticella clematis to grow through the framework for a later flower.

Often not known is the miniature varieties which are fabulous and may suit your space better.

Syringa Meyerei Palibin
 This sweet little lilac has  been growing successfully in my garden in my heavy soil for year and it is one of my favourite border shrubs. 4ft in height and no special treatment required sun or partial shade. It is so dainty. Other shades are available.

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