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Monday, 2 May 2016

Plants that Should be Grown Together #CompanionPlanting

Garden Notes: on Companion planting and how it may be relevant to ornamental plants

Companion planting is usually something we discuss in reference to protecting our vegetables from pests and  enhancing their growth. Basil and Tagetes  protect Tomatoes from unwanted pests etc.

There are plants that grow well and support one another. Equally there are plants that are detrimental to one another like Tomatoes near Brassicas and Garlic and onions near peas and beans.
 When looking at Ornamental plants trees and shrubs there are still some good associations. Garlic, protects from green fly, Nepeta and Lavender attract a healthy balance of beneficial insects (like Ladybirds and lacewings)  and are  generally considered helpful companions to Roses. Nepeta also smothers weeds well but it is a cat magnet!

Perhaps the one of the most beneficial form of planting within your ornamental borders is to include many good single flowering, scented pollinating plants, this covers many of the cottage garden varieties. Support the reproduction of your garden and encourage good fruits berries etc.

Artimesia is supposed to keep animals out of the garden.

Plant companions should both look good together and require similar growing conditions.  A tree may provide shade for a shade loving plant. Create some herbaceous shallow rooted shade over the roots of many clematis varieties. Allow plants to help each other along the way.

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