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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Top Plants for Early Spring Colour This March

Top plants to admired are Hellebores of course, particularly the new colourful hybrids. Coming very soon we will have varieties of dicentra formosa and spectablis. Formosa is a lovely little bleeding heart with soft ferny foliage,that looks fantastic growing with ferns and hostas in woody situations. Spectablis is big and blousey in comparision Spectablis Valentine in dark red with magnificent heart shaped flowers is perhaps the most exciting spring plant to grow in your border.
Brunea 'Jack Frost'
We noted the Brunnera 'Jack Frost' with its large icy silver leaves and illuminating, blue forget me not

Pulmonaria Opal

There was also Opal,  and 'Raspberry Splash', 'Silver Bouquet'' and 'Blue Ensign' pulmonaria with s spotted leaves or long sleder silver leaves and a range of colours making excellent ground cover. All ideal for shady or partial shady places though those with the silver foliage fair well with more sunshine.
Acer palmatum Sangokaku surprised everyone because its beautiful orange stems looks so like that of Cornus Mid Winter Fire.

E. Ascot Rainbow

Euphorbia's impressed with their wonderful foliage. There are so many exciting colours now not just the shade loving invasive woodland spurge variety. E. xmartinii Ascot Rainbow, still a fairy new introduction fulfils its colourful name with is rainbow foliage. Varieties like E. characias 'Black Pearl are forming their bracts making interesting Architectural flower heads and the white foilage of E. Silver swan is still stunning.
Euphorbia characias subsp. wulfenii 'Shorty' Is a useful introduction for those wanting a more compact version of the every reliable original. We are continually seeing more compact versions of traditional favourites.


We rambled though a spring selection of alpines aubretia and arabis are always noteworthy in early spring, some early flowering clematis including macropeta varieties and culminated with a brief look at some of the small cherry trees soon to be in flower, some of the amazing barks on the prunus serrula, the birches and the snakebark maple and small varieties of trees often overlooked that will be of interest very soon such as amelanchier.


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