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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Garden School

Joining our Garden Club

Joining our Garden Club means you can collect points when you buy and join in with all our events at our Garden School.Garden School Events Events are often hosted in our Marquee in the trees or in the garden. We have a selection of gardening speakers and tutors from the RHS gardening courses who come in on a regular basis and offer short workshops and talks. They are inexpensive and lots of fun. They are designed to be relaxed but instructive. Home made cakes are provided and in some cases  lovely pack lunches.

What we need from you
We like to have contact details particularly an email  when you sign up so we can keep you up-to-date with events and any additional workshops, changes and occasionally cancellation.

Other Benfits
 It also means we can give you promotions that you can redeem with your Garden Club membership card. These may be reductions in compost, fruit trees, stoneware and so forth. These offers are not available to the general public.

How to Join
To join sign up at the counter in the shop where we keep the forms and we will give you a card.

 In addition Why Not Also Subscribe To

  Our 10% Loyalty Discount

In addition to the garden club you may choose to pay £10 per year. This alows you to have 10% off plants.
It does not  give you aditional discount on plants that are already dicounted, offers or in Clearance.It is a very good saving particulary if you are planning any garden projects and you will still gain point from the Garden Club when you buy.

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