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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Some of my Favourite Perminant Planted Containers

 There are so many plants that lend themselves to containers. Whilst we have some beautiful pots of annual bedding looking gorgeous its good to take time and look at some of the simple alternatives.

The foliage colour of this small Japanese  red acer tree positioned against a back drop of  green foliage is uplifting an also very structural.
I love to plant herbs particularly if they are going to be useful. To create a little more colour in the summer I add a few annual salvia which blend so well with sage foliage which is also a salvia. Remember to plant Mediterranean herbs in well drained situations. I mix my compost with half grit.If you plant them in soggy pots they will not survive the winter wet.
Troughs of lavender by the house where you can enjoy the calming fragrance is a simple effective low maintenance alternative to bedding.
Lastly Salvia Hot Lips can not be beaten for continuous summer colour. It lends its self beautifully to cottage gardens.
Acer Palmatum

Anual Savia 'Sallyfun' amongst mediteranian herbs such as curry plant, and sage

Lavender Hidcote

Salvia Hot Lips

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